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Work advice!

Hi everyone, i have been told by my doctor that i need to seriously to consider reducing my hours at work... i work in a very busy accounts department... and have a long train commute.. between the time i get up get the train do a full day and get home i've done a 12 hour day and i do this 5 days a week... it's getting too much with the tiredness and the pain...and i'm struggling to cope

However when i tried to suggest the idea of reducing my hours to my boss she was less than impressed and said that it would be impossible... as i was in a full time position

I don't know what to do... i can't leave at the moment as my fiance's job is currently as risk...

Any advice would be truly welcome xx

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hello you,

may be worth seeking a referral to your companies occupational health team ( either you can self refer or your boss can refer you depending on the company set up)... once your at occy health you need to request them to advise the boss on your hours and also ask for a work station assessment to get tools and other things for your work place and sitting station so you can at least be abit more comfortable. this can be anything from proper seating to dictation software for the computer. do u have a formal diagnosis of FM? your covered under disability discrimination act so your boss needs to be mindful of this. get some advice from citizens advise burue too.

i commute 30 miles to work and 30 miles back. i also do additional visits on a daily basis. my managers have worked around my FM and have also set up computer equiptment at home for me so i dont have to go into office if i can work from home on reports etc. i also have some hearing problems and access to work have provided me with the phone equiptment and hearing aids too.

dont b put off challenging your boss or company. u have a legitimate reason to be seeking a reduction in hours.

good luck.


I had to reduce my hours, but found a colleague that would take them on before mentioning it to my boos. Would your boss consider job share, employing another person to work the hours you reduce by.


I too am an accountant and use to have my own business when first became ill my specialist told me to give up work. I couldn't afford to, I was the only qualified person at the time and too many people relied on me, I was the main earner so I kept working, collapsing as soon as I finished work and at weekends.

My illness became much worst, I crashed, and have never been well again (25 years) I lost the business and only did not lose my home as had negative equity.

You are lucky in that you are employed, and as you say a busy department sounds as if not a small firm, get the help you need and fast. If you boss is not sympathic then speak to someone else.


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