Nearly wept with gratitude at Specsavers - good things happen

Specsavers - at Tottenham Court Road - they just saved me much pain and a worrying journey home by replacing my glasses at short notice. I only came to collect one contact lens and the glasses just broke. Too long a story but believe me they were SO helpful. All my Fibromyalgia friends go to Specsavers! I didn't have to even say the F-word and they helped anyway. By then I was near full on migraine and exhausted from a week of not seeing too. Gave thanks for Adi (Store Supervisor). Most grateful - nearly wept! x

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  • That's fab you got great service. I use specsavers and can also say fab service, the staff are always friendly and helpful 😀

  • I changed over from an independant, (and expensive) opticians to Specsavers, best change I made, so friendly and efficient too.


  • Wonderful when they are so good. I can remember some years back when first starting be having bad back problems. I had just been to chemists to get prescription which was a glass bottle full of 100 painkillers. I slipped outside an opticians went flying lying bruised and battered and bleeding and had dropped the tablets, bottle smashed and tablets rolled everywhere. They came out got me up, I was more concerned with the tablets as frightened a child or dog might pick them up. They were down on their hands and knees in the pouring rain helping me get them up and didnt stop until all 100 tablets were picked up. They then proceeded to patch me up and even made me a cuppa. Needless to say when I needed glasses a few years after it was that opticians I had them from. There are some good people in the world.x

  • I have been with Specsavers for years! They have been brilliant for me. Last time I got my eyes checked I was in a wheelchair. They made sure I was ok even though the room wasn't really big enough but they still made sure my eyes were done etc. X

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