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Trigger points and Function - Dukes Analysis

Trigger points and Function -  Dukes Analysis

My late Mother had Multi infart dementia extremely severely for 20 years with cognition gone, hoisted everywhere to the point of speaking and swallowing and the cognitive . Did she get Continuing Care ? Was she a fraud ? She was branded as such then fleeced of the home by the Government? My Late father Pharmacist worked for NHS .He had same problem worse as their GP was on a boundary and Care Home when he died, private .

I also had CFS / Fibro diagnosed by Prof Davies privately as there was a policy of No referrals for those considered Low Priority [ also a senior Prof in NHS ] re my 8 DLA Appeals which did for medical/social recognition as needed help as social services were & continued to be when given, totally discriminatory colluding NB Another London borough was the employer .The spina bifida clinic did not help much but did give thyroxine & I got privately acupuncture with a flu jab for acute chest problems since broncho pneumonia age 5 . Wasn't a smoker then [- helped breathe ???!!!! ] .

This was when had [ still have ] Classic heart failure symptons- TRIGGER POINTS ignored .This means must be Low Priority Policy.It had been affecting function so much had been targeted out of employment in1996 [ Thatchers Cuts – no antibiotics or Research

I realize now since my cardiac arrest that the CFS trigger points I had before the cardiac arrest showed the lack of oxygen pumping to the organs affecting function Dukes Analysis which were also the classic heart failure symptons NOW – dysponea & possible dystonia . ]

This has not been not researched by GPs as I know now regard as Low Priority & GPs have been and still are directed to ignore especially if seen to be costing a lot of money .

However if you have multi conditions you are sent on a hiding to nothing as no Dr wants the responsibility of not following their contract . Could this be why the Hippocratic oath is not taken and disability not taught in medical schools then .

Is situation any better now ? I think not blaming the patients by neglect for supposed lifestyle [ there are always ifs and buts] is not the answer.

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Hi skybluepink

I have read your post with pain and sorrow and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Don't bleed I am grateful .I am surviving, I just don't want to pop off yet costing a lot of money can see how it is wasted . There is plenty of good not in NHS which is all too time consuming and dangerous for everyone when need not be .


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