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Does anyone know a good fibromyalgia specialist in the Barnsley area?

I have been suffering with chronic pain since October 2014. My doctors have no diagnosis for me and just say that I have widespread chronic pain of unknown medical origin. My husband and I have tried asking about fibromyalgia being a potential diagnosis but have been fobbed off by my GP. I have widespread chronic pain, tender points, depression, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. I also get headaches, mix up my words, get dizzy spells and get a foggy head.

Can any of you recommend a good fibromyalgia doctor in the Barnsley region?

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Where's Barnsley ?

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Hi southyorks34

I do not live in the Yorkshire area, but i have pasted you a link to the FMA UK cache on Fibro groups, it oculd be that their members will know of a good Fibro doctor in this area:

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


NB: Can I please add a gentle reminder to all members of the FMA UK guidelines:

4a.Health Professionals should not be referred to by name in a negative manner, as per the HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines. HU is not a form to create negative feedback about identifiable individuals.


Possible fibro is so complicated so many distressing probs don't think docs r really certain it was suggested to me that it may be my prob but no blood test confirms it my doc who was considering this has now left so I haven't discussed it wi another 1 I'm awake now all nite with bad neck pain etc so hard isn't it with all the symptoms that hit you any help or advice is appreciated. Lots of you are young at least I've reached oldie years so shouldn't grumble


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