Ki cuddles rule

Alarm went off half an hour ago though I had been awake ages n I'm still in bed. Sooo much to do today but I know the cold is waiting for me outside the covers. And can it really be morning, it's still far too dark to start the day. Ok I'm procrastinating again not at work till 3 but I'm seeing my grand bratts in town at ten. Think I may enjoy just one more ki cuddle then hit the shower. Good morning from Leeds hope the new year started well for all. Ahhhh ki cuddles xxxxxxx

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  • Still holidays here in Scotland! Tuesday is our return to normal. Some are still celebrating, but I can count myself out of that one. It has been frosty last 2 mornings here. Bed seems like a great place. Excuse me asking but what is the Ki that you are cuddling? 🐸

  • Ki is my 6 year old daughter she gives the bestest cuddles most o the time just when I'm in a lot o pain n say please stop she doesn't quite understand. It's still school hols here but I'm a bookie so only extra day we got off was Christmas. I don't mind not getting more days off really as have had a lot o day shifts so been able to snuggle wi ki on a night. Ki aka Kira is the best medicine xxxxx

  • Enjoy those special cuddles, they grow up so fast, but the special cuddles never change 🐸

  • So true she's my lid 40 baby and the reason according to the docs I have fibromyalgia so I make her pay me bk in cuddles lol I don't blame her at all lol she is amazing the. Centre o my universe xxx

  • I genuinely and sincerely hope that the day went well for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

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