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To get up r not to get up that is the question, I can hear the rain beating my window and feel the cool air that changes my skin colour from whitish pink t all over blue. At least I match my uniform lol, work is shouting me n I'm shouting later please let me sleep xxxxx

So to all out there I hope the piece n joy in your hearts keep you warm , and that the gloom of the outside bounces off you that the pain in our bodies lessen and we all have super terrific days.

Hold on the Suns bk the sk is blue just took a little more imagination this morning xxxx

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Hi Treewade 😊

You are probably up now anyway, but unless you live in Scotland I think you will find it is surprisingly warmer than the last few days. i hope very much that you managed some sleep and I thank you for your lovely thoughts. I can remember being told by my wonderful mother to remember that above all the grey clouds if you cut a hole in them there would be lovely blue sky, so what you said really rang true for me.

Hope you like this, it always cheers me up

Foggy x


ELO is my fav group can't get tickets to see them, cried with frustration who puts tickets up for sale that lasts bug a few mins before they re gone we need extra dates. Thank you, mr blue sky is the centre of my make believe Xanadu xxxxx


Well, I am a little late to give you any advice, but I genuinely hope that you had a good day at work if you went in? Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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