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Pip and points and this bloomin thing that has invaded my body!!

Hi everyone....another sleepless night spent worrying! I just can't seem to get a grip on things! can't think straight and walking is becoming more and more painful to the point I don't go out on my own now and when I do need to make sure there are plenty of resting places every 2 minutes! just washing my hair wears me out so my mum and friend take turns doing it and also help me in and out of the shower or bath, and I just don't know what to do to help myself having tried so many things! I have always fought back any illness but this is truly beating me and I honestly don't know which way to turn! I work full time self employed and am going to work like a zombie most days and struggling to do my job, even struggling to drive there most days ( I have already given one job up because I was unable to do it anymore) I have decided to apply for pip so I can at least cut my hours down, as I don't want to not work at all. I don't understand the point system so would be really grateful for any advice anyone has. this illness is so debilitating, it's hard to say what each day is going to bring. I'm laid in bed in a lot of pain mainly in my legs, shins and ankles but also my back and elbows with a thumping headache making its way into my neck. I can't concentrate on anything so reading or watching tv is impossible! sorry my question turned into a moan, I'm completely and utterly fed up!!


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You deem to b going through hell at the moment and I can fully understand your frustrations it be very difficult for your to try to hold dowm a full time job with all this going on with your body.

Have a look at the Citizens advice site as it tells you all about PIP how to clan and as you scroll down you will be able to look at a section that tells you all the descriptors and also explains what they mean. If we can help with any that you are unsure of we will try our best. Do let us know how you are getting on with things.

I know what you mean about the hair washing I did mine this morning and am wondering what marathon. I must have completed as I am cram crackered.x

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Hi h9oney, to add to rosewine's comments check out work and benefits website. Great info on there, downloadable stuff that tells you how to word your form when you get it. Also check out DWP website to see if you might be entitles to ESA.

Healing hugs coming your way.

Jo x

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Your letter surprised me as I was reading it as it was the same as what I would put but never know how to put it into words so thank you. My morning,s are the worst part of the day for me now and getting up for work has become to much for me, I am on the sick for four weeks at the minute and don't know if I will be able to go back to a job I love but I know myself that I am unable to do anymore. Can't get any financial help anywhere and will probably lose my home in the end.

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I am so genuinely sorry to read how you are suffering and struggling and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your PIP claim.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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