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Hello Members,

Please can I repost to all a request from Fibromyalgia Action UK Vice Chair - Des Quinn

This is obviously a polarised debate and while the images are innocent and uplifting the admin team need to think about the site as a whole. The lack of a technical way of having image posts on a separate area means that a policy requires to be set that will be in place for the whole community. Remember however that the healthunlocked site has its own rules and procedures as well.

The technical solution not being possible means if we allow unlimited image pics then some people will be put out by them OR they may find that the get in the way of what they are coming here for. I think our primary reason for the HU forum is so that people with fibro to communicate and support each other through information and kind words. Facebook is a perfect place for images and videos but that also suffers a bit from noise getting in the way of the support but they can have separate pages that can be full of images or be focussed on having none at all.

Since there is no easy solution to this can I ask that people limit themselves to one image a day until the admin team decide on the best way forward. We have also made an approach to the HU admin team to see if they can advise on a course of action and a technical solution in the future.

We will hope to get something updated policy wise soon. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Des Quinn

Vice Chair

I have reposted as it was written on another post and it may be overlooked.

Thank You for your understanding & cooperation in this matter

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Coordinator

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  • As I said in my post you don't have to worry about me😃💥🎉 I am DONE!!!!

  • This is a general post to all - As Des said yesterday

    Also there is no wish to target any one person and this has been up for discussion for a wee while. We will hope to get something updated policy wise soon. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

  • Will do Emma. :)

  • I had indeed missed the original post and would not want any offence caused thanks for the repost :-)

  • I had missed it too, thanks Emma for keeping us up to date.

  • Thank you for reposting as like some of the others I had missed the original post. I have been so busy lately that unfortunately my visits are much briefer than usual just a quick pop in to see if I can help someone and have had to miss some days so that is the danger of not being able to come on every day and missing a vital post.

    I fully understand the reasons why you have had to come to this decision if there is at the moment no way of funnies and pictures going straight to a separate section so people can dip into them as and when they want to.

    Just to say thank you to everyone who keeps this marvellous site going as I know it must involve alot of hard work and sometimes very difficult decision making.x

  • I missed original post too. The reasoning behind this rule is quite understandable and I hope that in due course a solution can be found as I enjoy a little giggle at these funny posts. Thank you Emma x

  • To All Members,

    If anyone wishes to further discuss this as Des Quinn has made the decision as the Vice Chair of Fibromyalgia Action UK. Any views or opinions please can you direct them to FMAUK directly using email:

    Many Thanks

    Emma :)

    Community Coordinator

  • oops.just seen this and i will limit my pics to one a sorry...xx

  • Emma thanks and sorry just saw this after I poster 2 pictures. Not posted pics before so apologies


  • I posted my picture before i saw this. I hope i have not done anything wrong it is a while since i posted one. People have asked to see my photos or i would not do it.

  • I don't think there's any harm in it. It's nice to see and relate to the ppl we speak to. I'd like to post mine too but don't know how to do it lol. Xx

  • Well I'd like to know how to post my pic beside me posts. Some ppl have managed it but I've tried to no avail. Can anyone help how to do this ? I don't think there is any harm. It's nice to see the ppl You are speaking to! Thanks x

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