A colleage at work the other day was complaining about a pulled muscle and I offered her sympathy, she asked if thats how I felt. My reply was treble it, imagine your arms feel the same, maybe your neck and that your hands are on fire and your somewhere close. I said all this with a smile because what else can you do? She asked how I stand it and my honest answer was" I dont know!"

She said, with all sincerity, oh I hope you get better soon. I explained That it doesnt get better, that this is it, for the rest of my life, I could see she didnt understand. The trouble is unless you are experiencing it I suppose its almost impossible to understand that pain with no apparent cause can just go on. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy but just sometimes I wish they could expirience the hurt of knowing your stuck in agony for the rest of your life, just for a moment feel the emotional pain, if not the physical.. Then maybe they would understand why those of us with it dont always welcome every day with open arms.

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  • Totally understand what you are saying because we live with it ... I had trouble explaining it to people when i was diagnosed and found a passage in a book called ' Inside Fibromyalgia With Mark J. Pellegrino, MD' entitled Imagine this

    I found that the spoon theory helps explain the fatigue aspect of FMS


    Like you say however unless they experience it for a day they will never know but this might go some way in helping gain awareness of what us FMS sufferers go through.

  • Just read the spoon theory, almost made me cry its so close to how I feel.

  • I agree - made me cry and I explained it to my boyfriend who was already very understanding but it helped alot!

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