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broken bones

I fell 4 weeks ago and broke my left wrist,and its been in plaster so I cant drive. With the pain, and the frustration of being house bound the fibro has been non stop. Its as if my body is on fire and replaying every pain ive ever had over and over,my arm muscles are constantly in cramp, my neck is stiff, and legs dont want to work because it is too painful. Sleep is almost impossible so im in that circle of no sleep more pain so no sleep etc. . I have an appointment soon at the fracture clinic and i soooooooooooo want the plaster removed so that i can get back to a normal (for me ) life.

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Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. It's awful when you have an accident that sets off everything else in your body. Let's hope your cast will soon be removed so that you can get back to driving. Hope you sort out your pain and sleep problems. Perhaps a meds review with your gp? X


I am so sorry to read that and I want to genuinely wish you a speedy recovery.

All my hopes and dreams for you



aw. Finally a post I can so relate to! I was dx 2.5 weeks ago finally with fibro and uctd and a myriad of gunk. A week later I fell off my shoe and broke my tib. Fibula.

I'm in a wheelchair for two months yea me!

I haven't had time to get used to one then the other now today I went for a placard from gp, and she asked about the ulcer I mentioned months ago

Now up for a biopsy.

Sigh. I think I ok as long as I stay away from docs lol!'

I am truly understanding the amping up of the pain, your cabin fever and plain misery. I can't sleep for the ripples of pain. I usually walk or take a soak.

I did buy a tens unit and using biofreeze spray. Which helps. Psych added bus par at night too. Good luck and nice to meet yA.

Sister from another mister


I have to add today, I'm tired of being alone with all this pain and happy carp,

I know where my joy and hope comes from.... But sometimes I just want someone to go to a Dr appt with me and say wow... This really sucks for you


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