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Metro feature an article about lady with Fibromyalgia who wants to raise awareness of invisible illnesses

Metro feature an article about lady with Fibromyalgia who wants to raise awareness of invisible illnesses

Hello fellow members,

Another example of the judgement some people may make about others with invisible illnesses. Let's hope this story will mean others have raised awareness about Fibromyalgia

We, FibroAction do have a Disabled Badge Holder notice with information about Fibro available to print, that you can put alongside your disabled badge if anyone is interested ? Please see picture

Thank You for reading :)

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Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Thanks for sharing.... people can be so cruel..... this poor lady has been so strong about the situation and handled it with great dignity... something like that would have reduced me to tears.

I hope she gets an apology from the person responsible... she at least deserves that.


That is unforgiveable and I am pleased that she has responded in the way she has. Chin up and keep fighting :)


When i was waiting for my Blue Badge i had to struggle to the other end of the car park. As i was crossing to the car i knew that a car had come up behind me and that i was in the way,

But there was no way that i could go any faster But i certainly did not deserve to be run over, That is what he loudly suggested he should do to me. His friend thought it was funny.


I know I commented on yesterday's post but was thinking about it again. Whoever put that note on her car should not have done so and should apologise for their nastiness. But it doesn't detract from the fact that she was parked in a blue badge space without a badge. Blue badges, except for misuse, are there to indicate a disability otherwise it is impossible to know if someone is genuine or just selfish.


People have stopped talking to me and shouted at me in front of others at a social group i attend for autistics "because you can walk and shouldn't be in a wheelchair" :-(

5 years later they still arent talking to me, but there are others who understand within the social circle.


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