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any specialists?

Hi i got sent from primary to secondary (hospital) pain management, they tried ample things including spins injections, now he decided it's fibromialgia listed meds for my doc and iv been discharged, is it normal to just cut me off n leave me with no specalist care??? I'm suffering severe exhaustion pain an depression, I'm seeing mental health for assessment monday, apart from that just my gp, is this normal? iant there a fibromialgia specialist who can help? Trying to keep my job don't know how long for x

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You don't say explicitly....but have you seen a spinal surgeon, had MRIS as well as the injections ? Mine Said I had average wear and tear for my age, most people would not feel pain !

Eventually I saw a PAIN SPECIALIST, qualified in anaesthetics etc.

I've had Fibro many years, then four years excruciating back pain. Three sets of diagnostic seroid injections helped show which spine joints were 'whining'. I have now had some of them 'de nerved' which should last longer than the bit of relief I got from ONE of the steroid injections. There is pain from my Sacroilliac Joint and some Facets.

It is not magic but has helped. I still need more doing.

The improvement has only been as a result of me asking to see this pain specialist (yorkshire) as a result of online research and word of mouth. Other pain clinics did not mention any of this was possible.

Hope this might help you, good luck.


Hi iv not seen a spinal surgeon, they told me in my neck and lower back it's basically wear an tear, but the pain it causes spreads to the muscles tightens them up too, they did do injections into the bones but because the problems widespread they deemed it a failure and won't risk my neck as its too risky procedure, so just discharged me with medication, I'm 37 trying to keep a full time job and they all just wrote me off :( there must be something to help with the chronic fatigue cos like this I'm too exhausted to work, an after 3 hours my neck n shoulders an bits of my back in agony, an now I get numb toes I didn't get before


Much empathy. My neck, shoulders als horrid. My computer is being silly right now too !

If I think of anything else I will post , but if it were me I'd be asking why my toes were going numb.

Some GPs will give NHS referrals to Chiropractors now. X


What do chiropractic s do? Specialist Who Discharged ME Said It's Nerves Been Damaged, An I'm going to ask to go back to pain clinic an keep trying there acupuncture an ask if they do massarges (can't spell) the over/under sleeping an exhaustion tho surley someone deals with it x


Hi denisewilson13

I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. In my case I was diagnosed by a private consultant who did pretty much what you have described. It was my GP that referred me to other departments.

It may help to discuss a referral to Rheumatology with your GP? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello Denise. Fibro specialists are few and far between the best most of us have managed is to find a sympathetic doctor who will listen to you and refer you on to various specialists as needed.

This link will take you to our mother site and lots of information, including treatment of fibro, which because it is not yet understood and eveyones symptoms are differentis often a matter of trial and error. What works for one person can make another worse.

I hope this helps and welcome to the site, :P If you would like to stick around you will find that with this group of people you are never alone and some one will always do there best to help you.

But dont forget we are not doctors and can only advise within our experience.

Sue x :)


I am so sorry. I hope someone can help you and not leave you feeling so abandoned.


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