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Hello everyone

Sorry for the quiet weekend, I have been very unwell, still am but fighting back and had to take to using my walking stick. Here's a link to my blog where I talk about the reactions I got from people today:


What experiences have you had with using walking aids/wheelchairs etc?

Hope you are all well and have lovely evenings.

Karen xx

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  • Hi Karen, hope you are well, I don't have any walking aid just now but have had a few falls recently due to my legs going dead and collapsing underneath me and being very unsteady on my feet, I feel I would benefit alot from crutches but how do I go about getting these?

    Thank you Lyndsay x

  • You can get them from occupation health I believe, but my stick is from a website that sells pretty ones.

    If you search online for walking sticks or crutches, lots of option will come up for all price ranges.

    Let me know if you need any help with this :)


  • Ok thanks I will look into it, I was only diagnosed with fibro in January so the only person I have seen is my doctor, I see him every four weeks, I've not seen any occupational health or anything, does the doc refer you to this? Xx

  • Hi... my doctor said i have fibro... that was 2 weeks ago.. i have been referred to Rhumatologist which is next Friday... so please ask them to refer you...

    hope this helps....

    Louby lou x x

  • I got my perching stool in the kitchen by contacting the council x

  • Hope you are now feeling better. Perhaps you should have a number of walking sticks in various colours to match your outfits. I know Mayrose has said she has butterflys on hers. Love your blogs.x

  • My friend has about 7 all in different colours, one for every occasion! I wonder where Mayrose got her butterfly one from?

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I write it as therapy for myself, but also I hope it helps others and perhaps bring a little humour to the day.

    Hope you are well?


  • I think Mayrose stuck the butterflies on herself to jazz things up a little. My friend had a wonderful folding one which had lovely flowers on it.x

  • Thanks louby lou, am I seeing my doc again this Thursday so will ask him to refer me

    I have just been on amazon, they have a very large selection of walking sticks and crutches, I have seen a nice pink set of crutches I would like 😁 xx

  • Good for you... I find that making a list before i go to the doctors helps..

    Wowee pink sounds great...

    Good luck Hunni x x

    Louby Lou x x

  • Yeah I have a list longer than my arm of things I wanna talk to my doc about haha

    Yeah the pink ones are very funky 😁

    Thanks again

    Lyndsay xx

  • I love pink! I'm getting on Amazon now!! xx

  • you are very welcome :) Lyndsay

    Louby Lou x x

  • Awaiting the further adventures of Johnny :-)

    Avoid the finding a seat problem by taking my own with me, always have the best seat in the house :-)

  • Your own seat???


  • It has wheels making transport of of a comfortable seat easy :-)

  • Sounds like you and little johnny had a hectic time?

    Take care

    Ken x x

  • I used to have a discreet black walking stick but last year I decided to stop being ashamed of occasionally needing one and my new one is a brightly floral pink & purple flowered one

  • Oooh sounds lovely - more stick envy! Where did you get it from ? xx

  • It was just in my local chemists, I couldn't resist so now I'm loud and proud when I need to use it.

  • Hi kaz :)

    People gawk a lot and also tut a lot when you're in their way and if you get out of your wheelchair to go to bathroom you're a disgrace to disabled people :(

    I have 2 sticks and have been bad too, I can barely put my feet to the floor atm so walking even with sticks is problematic as my condition gets worse and not better :o

    I believe that with time we learn to ignore the ignorant when out and about but always remain vigilant for the 'just in case' moments that arise out of the blue :)

    Oh! and I get wheelchair envy :P

    The lilac stick does sound rather nice :)

    Wishing you wellness and hope you're feeling a little better :)

    Healing Fluffies and smiles for you along with hot choc and a caramel muffin :)

    xxx sian :)

  • I hate people who are so judgmental. Admittedly I probably used to be one of them until I got sick, i think it is difficult to understand if you haven't been there. Having said that, there is a lot more disability awareness now than when I was a kid so people have little excuse.

    My friend walks with a stick and uses a wheelchair and she gets looks when she gets up out of it.

    Do you have a coloured wheelchair?

    Hugs for you, and a slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake (Mary Berry recipe) xx

  • I am so glad that I am not alone in having 'resisting the stick' syndrome. I have a lot of pain in my hips and feet, so when I suffered a knee injury (thank you doggie) I decided that having a stick somehow excused my walking like a duck. I have only experienced people being helpful, but I am generally able to avoid public transport. However, having entered the arena of walking supports I have developed a severe resistance to them all. My nice silver stick looks very official, so I use it for work related meetings, and my red floral seems more trendy, but they both have the problem that I don't know what to do with them when I am not in motion. They fold by virtue of a sneaky piece of elastic which appears to have the sole aim of restoring the stick to it's straight incarnation. Using an elasticated ponytail band to prevent this seemed like a good idea until the inner elastic won the battle during a London Show, allowing the stick to suddenly become straight under the seats of the people beside me and propelling the hair band who knows where.

    My stepdaughter uses a Rollator with a really useful basket and seat, which is lovely, but for some reason I can't bring myself to use one, despite taking advantage of the seat on occasions.

    Recently I have been determined to manage without a stick, but yesterday I had to resort to buying one in a hiking shop, because I had gone on a outing with my daughter and vanity had beaten sanity and I was paying for my stupidity. That said I believe I have found 'The One' It is a hiking pole but has both the traditional grip and a handle in a fetching cork effect, that feels very nice, and it is telescopic in three parts so shrinks down to fit into my shopping bag/trolley/under my seat.

    What does it say about you when the highlight of a days shopping in a mall is your new walking stick; on second thoughts I don't think I want to know.

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