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Not been Diagnosed with Fibro

However went to the doctors 2 weeks ago as not been sleeping for months due to waking up with pain in shoulders, under the chest pain also suffer IBS which I have suffered with since the age of 13 however not diagnosed until 12 years ago. Dr put me on 10mg Amitriptyline saying start on 1 tablet but can increase to 2 which I did after 5 days, also took some blood. Went back to see Dr for results yesterday all came back clear, she has upped my dose to 25mg as the tablets have helped the pain but not helped me sleep. Dr has not given me a diagnosis just said she is treating me for chronic pain and fatigue and to go back if the increase in medication doesn't help. What do you all think? Any help would be very appreciated. ( I am a Female 43) Thanks xx

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Hi you post is very similar to my situation. 50 last year running round Vegas to celebrate then August started to get joint pain, could not get out of bed as standing on my feet was like walking on needles etc etc. I am a busy IT Manager and look after my 86 year old Mum who lives with me so all this pain and fatigue has been a massuve shock. Doctors who gave me the same medication and Naproxen pain killers. Pushed for a referral to specialists at the hospital which I attended yesterday. Waiting for results and I know they will tell me what it isn't but at least I can narrow if down and look to then manage the symptoms long term and Fibromyalga was mention to me. Conisder asking for a referral to a rheumatologist as there may be other resons for your symptoms.


Thanks Tigwilson. Hope you get the results you want to hear xx


Hi babyowl

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and reiief to this issue. It may help your situation if you could get your GP to give you a referral to Rheumatology? It may be worh asking?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best with getting some answers.



Thanks Ken, I will give the stronger tablets a couple of weeks to work and if they don't I will make another appointment to see the GP, she said not to suffer to go back and see her if they didn't work. :)


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