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Fybrogel taken while talking morphine, or any painkillers which cause constipation ?

This Fibrogel was prescribed. Info from a recent pack.

I have a pack of orange Fibrogel which says

'Do not take if you are taking any meds which cause constipation, ie Codeine, Morphine.' which I do.

The online leaflet says the same.

Packs I have with added Mebeverine do not say this.

The pharmacist did not give a satisfactory explanation. I will ask my GP eventually, just wondering whether anyone does actually know FOR CERTAIN why this is ?

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Very interesting, I had no idea as it is supposed to help in that direction.

Thanks for sharing



Hi Micro,

A very dedicated pharmacist/chemist will know the answer or will find the answer "FOR CERTAIN." Most pharmacists/chemists realize this question falls within their own professional domain and will pursue an answer if they do not know the answer.

I have at least three pharmacists I can call for information. It pays off to have a network like this, as I can always obtain a "certain" answer and I can double check on the answers, if I desire to do so. I have built relationships with multiple pharmacists over the years for this reason.

I hope you can call upon another pharmacist. :)

It's important to have accurate answers when we need them.

In Support,



I've been looking online and can find no information of any reason why this can't be taken whilst on morphine or codeine, would be interesting to know for sure. I have to take Movicol and have no problem with that. x

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I am afraid I dont know the answer but please when you find it do post it. It is quite fascinating!


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