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Has any one ever read this

I found this website just by chance it is i dont know if you have to put in all that website address but it tellls you a lot about what goes on behind closed doors of Atos Capita Maximus. A whistle blower has giving us a biy more insight Happy Reading as there is quite a lot so you will need a cup or big mug of tea

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Yes it makes a very good read as it explains the assessment process for ESA very clearly from the prospective of the other side. Only when you have been through the process once and seen their remarks on the form do you realise that you are being assessed from the waiting room onwards.

I do know for a fact that at at least one centre they do use the security cameras as extra evidence as I was told by someone who used to work there. They make a big thing of how you got there and if you were able to travel on your own. The bit about whether you have written it or not and your handwriing is very interesting as of course someone might have taken weeks to fill it in as they got tired doing more than a page of the form at a time.

Thanks for posting, very interesting.x


Hi tasha2

I have read similar news reports along the same lines, and it is quite frightening when you think about it.

Thanks for sharing



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