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Not what I had planned for valentines!

We had it all planned order a takeaway put the kids to bed and have a nice quiet evening by our selves, cold beer in the fridge and boxing on telly....... But it was spoiled by a visit to a&e. Not fribro related but very painful ovarian cist diagnosed at Christmas, only being discharged at 6pm on Christmas eve I might add, having been in more pain since it was chronic last night. After phoning cudoc I took myself to a&e. 4 hours and load of painkillers later I was allowed home to sleep off the meds, they doubled my usual dose of codeine and will get me seen in clinic quicker than the 3 months I have to wait now. So today the pain is a little better and I've sat watching my kids play in the garden for the first warm day of the year, still woozy from all the med but they had fun, napping with my little boy most of the afternoon, lovely. Things never turn out as planned but take the good from everything 😃

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Hi Claire,

Ouch! I understand ovarian cysts are often very painful!

Sorry your plans were interrupted. Yet, so glad you were able to get to A&E and get some help! Glad they are moving you to a sooner appointment, as well.

It's a blessing you can see something beneficial from the inconvenience and the extra pain.

Positive attitudes help us to get through so much more, victoriously!

Thanks for sharing your positive slant with us today!



You have a wonderful attitude to life. Yes I had several ovarian cysts when I was younger and I can commiserate with the pain as they are definately "ouch" episodes. Hope they will be able to fast track you so they can get things sorted. Let us know how you get on.x


I am so sorry to read of your suffering and struggling, and I genuinely hope that your pain clinic appointment comes through soon, and that it is all a great success for you.

Good luck



Hi, I can completely understand, evening planned at favourite restaurant, but due to c.b.t now getting increasingly difficult had to cancel it and have friends come to our flat instead. Pain is still persisting as i.b.s and stomach still not settled in fact just told by doctor today to increase my antacid yet further as stomach is so acidic. Had to ring n.h.s out of hours service last night. Despite months of asking for doctors if there is anything else underlying cause of this increase, only stress they say but what do I DO about it?


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