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6 Months!!!

Finally had good news about the pain management clinic. I got my referral on 6th of November and my appointment is 6th of May. 6 month waiting list!!!

I suppose we have a chronic pain condition which means there is no rush in their eyes, not like it is going away any time soon!

After moaning about the waiting list, I am very grateful to have the referral though. Some people aren't so lucky. Also we are lucky to have the NHS at all...


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Hope it helps when you get there :-) A local support group has grown out of people that met at a pain clinic keeping in touch when the course ended.


Hi, glad to hear you have an appointment at Last. I was referred at the end of August and am still waiting.....


That is ridiculous! Have you chased it up? Sounds like it has been forgotten about


I know, we are lucky it's free - my daughter pays €39 to see anyone on the NHS in Italy and her wages are very low as a teacher, about a third of what you would start on in the uk.....

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Hi magnetta

That is so wonderful to read, and I want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment.

Good luck

Ken x


I don't mean to burst your bubble but I've been seeing a pain specialist at the pain clinic for six years now and initially I thought it was amazing but now after years of spinal, neck, hip and knee injections, my condition is worse! My gynae consultant says I need to see a spine consultant after I had an operation his aneathatist said my discs were in a terrible state for someone of my age. But because I'm seeing the pain clinic they won't do anything. I've also just found out that I have something in my left kidney which may have been responsible for some of my back pain.

My knee specialist gave me some injections into my knees in theatre, which had a cushioning affect and they were fantastic. I'm due to see my pain guy next month but my GP wasn't happy last time I had my injections as my legs were giving way and I kept getting temporary paralysis after the treatment. I will also have to chase my appointment up more than likely too!

One good thing that can be offered by pain clinics is acupuncture. That helped my husband but I kept fainting when I had it and didn't help me.

I get a lot of relief from making my own aromatherapy blends in gel and oils. I massage the pained areas twice maybe three times a day. Now that works!

Pain clinics can help but be careful what treatments you have they can make things worse in the long run and it treats the symptoms not the cause. Good luck


Hello, yes indeed we are extremely luck to have a FREE NHS service. My husband had an unfortunate accident with the boom of a sailing boat, which damaged his nerves in his neck and shoulder. This has also led to loss of feeling in his arm and right hand. His pain has been excruciating for nearly 4 years!! Eventually he is being referred to the Pain Management clinic!! I think you are very lucky to have an appointment. Hope the clinic can help you. Best wishes x


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