receding gums

sorry I should have explained more and better.i have had dentures fro a long time-possibly to a family gene (my dad had them at 21 tho don't know why)or mistake I should have said worn down gums.mine are so worn down even denture I adhesive does not keep them in position for long. and have to reapply durign the day.and I only wear my lower ones when eating or outside...

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  • Hi Anbuma,

    It is very natural for our gums to recede as we get older. You mention that you have had dentures for a long time, so it's more than likely that the time has come for you to have them replaced in order for them to fit properly.

    The best thing to do would be to visit your Dentist and see what he/she thinks.

    Good luck.

  • have had dentures for a long time but these were new last year and the dentist said then as my gums were so worn (due to fibro)she couldn't make them any deeper as would be too heavy but then having dentures is causing gums to wear down more.cant win?what do I do .gettign new dentures will still be a gap between denture and gumline.implants?would dentist fit implants cos of cost and I only pay a certain amount to wards dental treatment

  • Hi anbuma. I hope that you are feeling well today. It reallg does sound like you need new dentures. Our gums shrink as we get older. As a result we get ill fitting dentures.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Morning it does sound like new Nashers for you so make the appointment and go see th man!!

    You will feel better eat better, smile better so noothing could possibly be better.

    take care


  • thanks guys .will see if I can get an appointment

  • there was no message showing

  • Sorry don't know wat happened?

  • does anyone have implants?

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