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Pain Management (NHS) v Alternative/holistic therapies

I have tried very hard to see the value of the pain management teams..but the push is for medication..In 6 months..having racked up much debt as a daughters attendance at school has gone up by 20% from 60% to 84%..there are problems still with fatigue and pain..and she does sleep still working on the fatigue..however having invested in alternative methods,I find GPs and NHS where I am uninterested..Not sure if this is due to benefits they receive from drug companies or sheer refusal too consider a joint approach and working with alternative practioners..

Osteopathy has helped tremendously and a weekly massage. Dont get me wrong..she still has pain and fatigue and moodiness.and if it got to a point where she felt she wanted drugs she could have them...but why on earth does the health service not want to relook at its approach to treatment...why is it in some cities doctors are steadfast against holistic treatment..the worst is I am seen as an over worried mother..who uses dubious methods. Indeed sometimes I think..they think I am the problem. Well anyway..we shouldnt be medicating children if we dont have to..

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Hi nomad37

I sincerely hope that both you and your daughter are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for your post, as I find the subject really interesting and I genuinely hope that many other members join in with this debate?

I believe in an holistic approach to everything in life, and that includes my Fibro? I was recently given the loan of a TENS Machine by my Physiotherapist who is NHS, and I think (if I am correct?) that you class a TENS Machine as alternative, as there is no drug intervention whatsoever? She also said that I should keep on taking my Naproxen, so I have both conventional and alternative therapies, and of course, a list of gentle exercises. Does your daughter see and physio and do exercises?

My GP sent me to see a Chiropractor which the surgery paid for, so I got massage and acupuncture plus some other bits and bobs for a while. My GP appears very open to holistic and alternative treatments. However, I was wondering if they cost more than a few tablets do? After all, an hour and a half of physio every week must be expensive? And a Chiropractor must charge £40 to £50 pounds an hour?

Maybe this is why so many only offer medications? You have got me thinking? (Must be careful?). I will discuss this with my GP when I see her (she is very open), and I will ask her what she thinks and let you know what she says?

All my hopes and dreams for you and your daughter

Ken x x


This makes me sad that drugs are pushed for everything, creating their own problems and side effects the doctors never consider or deal with. To be so young and dependent on what the latest drug company product is. There is so much out there non-medicated.

I found using a product with malic acid and magnesium back in 1994, and have used it daily. Fibroplex by Metagenics. Eventually I was able to put my own components together by other brands. Understand that the B12 is very important, D3 (get levels done), find a gentle exercise program, which helps move out toxins in the body. For me, water therapy was and still IS my lifesaver. Some days I swim and other days exercise. I can do an hour and feel greatly energized when I get home. I can almost do a days work after I swim.

My diet had to have all dyes, sugar, additives removed. No pop/soda, diet or regular. No sugar substitutions...all toxic. No tobacco, no alcohol. Eat as close to food original as possible. Even a couple weeks will show you feeling much better. So many chemicals that create explosive issues with those of us with health problems. You get back to feeling great ONCE and you find you do all you can to stay there.

Addition of acupuncture rounds out the removal of toxins on a regular basis...and thank God for chiropractors!

As a child, I missed so much school when I was 9-10. I went in the afternoons when my strength was better. The teacher stayed an hour after school to help me catch up on the morning things. I was an avid reader, so having my books at home helped as well. I can now see my pattern growing up, my mom said this was from a small child on. Doctors put it as if I were allergic to myself. We did not have the medications abound like we do now, and we ate without all the prepared foods or fast foods.


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