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Would you like to help raise awareness this weekend through to Monday 12th May for International Fibro Awareness Day?

Check out this post from 2 months ago for easy copy & paste tweets and Facebook posts!

Our Awareness Wristbands are available too - If you'd like to purchase them, here's the link for further information;

If you can help by donating a few £ maybe this International Awareness day by text or our other methods it would be very helpful to continue our work.

Here's the text info below. Thank You all for the support over FibroAction to long term members and new ones too!

It works in this way: if you as a #supportfibroaction would like to donate £10 for instance

As below FIBR10 followed by the amount in £

Please text the following message: FIBR10 £10

Here's the number:


Thank You for your support - FibroAction is 100% dependent on voluntary donations & fundraising, this means your generous contributions will help us continue to provide information & support to people living with Fibro

Many Thanks in Advance #strongertogether

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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