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Diagnosis confirmed fibromyalgia

Hi all

I saw a rhumatologist yesterday who confirmed fibromyalgia and has written to my doctor to put me on the correct anti depressants and referred me to his team. I have told my manager the diagnosis and pre warned her about further appointments and changes in anti depressants. Do they have to act now or wait to see if my condition worsen. Before diagnosed I told my manager that I was struggling to concentrate memory was shocking along with being put on meds plus the pain and tiredness. Scared that they are going to get rid of me and use the excuse that I am not fit for my role!! Any advice

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Hi trayb1301

I am so sorry to read that you have this horrid illness and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

In my case I was given my medications straight away, this I would have thought is normal procedure? If it was different for anybody else on the site I sincerely hope that they can advise you.

In many cases it is a case of finding out which medications work best for you, and this may take a while but please do not get disheartened or give up with trying.

I have pasted the link to the FibroAction website below as you may find it very useful:


Please keep us up to date with how you are getting on my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Fibro & having trouble at work.

It does seem to take a long time for any of us to find the right medication / treatment plan for each of us, including pacing etc to manage this condition and wish you luck on this journey.

With regards to your job, I believe that under the disability discrimination act (or something like that) that your company can not just sack you because you are sick - they need to work with you to make your workplace suitable for your needs. I'm afraid I can't remember the ins & outs of it (brain fog this am), but please contact citizens advice who will be able to explain it all to you. You should be able to find phone number of your local office online & don't have to actually go there. I used to work full time & my work have adjusted my hours to suit me (now only work 3hr a day and lucky to work from home).

Good luck xxx


Hi there, fibro is covered under the equalities act which was previously the disability discrimination act. This means that your employers must have made all reasonable adjustments to help you keep your job before they can get rid of you. If you use the link that Ken posted it should take you to the section where you can get more advice on what reasonable adjustments your employer is expected to make and where you stand legally. Good luck, Linda.


Hi Trayb

I am in the same boat as you are. I have just had some occupational health appointments and the advice I was given was that they cannot get rid of you without making reasonable adjustments. You might want to speak to the occupational health person in your place of work as it might help.


Hi there, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but the bright side is you now know what you are dealing with :) I work part time and have found just this past month that my concentration is nowhere near as good as it was, I am a book keeper, so I do need to keep on top of things. I spoke to my boss and they have been good about it, which really helps. Your boss should be able to work with you. Hope you get it all sorted, Best wishes....Susan :)


Hello trayb1301,

I'm in the same position so you are not alone. My manager is coming to see me on tuesday to discuss work, she mentioned doing a phase 3 of sickness, which I think is termination of my work contract. Gentle hugs XX


Thank you all for your responses. I am going to do some research and approach work if I don't hear anything from them. To be honest I think I am having to take the lead as the only response I have had send an email telling me what it is youve got so I don't forget. I dont think they realise its a chronic illness!!


Hi there

Sorry to hear you have this rotten diagnosis. I was off sick for 6 months then my company referred me to OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH they gave me an assessment and assessed my ability to work, unfortunately as my job was physical and I could hardly stand for the review they advised me to go disabled and try for ESA they actually helped with their forms for benefit claims and termination of my employment although I was given the choice of what to do.

Hope you feel as well as possible gentle hugs .x


Hello Trayb1301,

As newly diagnosed you may find the following link helpful;


In regards to you work if you would like to email us info@fibroaction.org I can send you some information about your rights & reasonable adjustments. You may also find this link of interest;


I hope this helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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