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won my esa support appeal 28/10/13 the clerk said he will email the dwp straight away, i phoned the dwp today and they no nothing about it??

i phoned the dwp today and they said the courts had not been in touch with them regarding my appeal, i phoned the courts and they said they had emailed the dwp, couldnt believe it with no money from the esa in over a year and fighting my appeal for two years its still not bloody sorted out.

ive sent off a copy of the decision notice to the dwp with a note repeating what ive been told long do you think i will have to wait for payments to start????

i need hugs feel very very low xxx

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Hi, It can take a while for the DWP to sort out stuff like this, I hope you sending them the letter they will sort it out fast.

Sending you lots of gentle hugs

Mazz xx


thank you its been a long hard 2 years, and im getting re assessed in 6 months so round and round again, its got to get better for us sometime, wishfull thinking haha xxx


I was without any money for over 6 months before I won my appeal. It still has to go though a DWP final decision department which I understand are stacked up and have been taking 12 to 16 weeks! They will back date but not sure how far back? I have a revision in 12 months from award so the battle goes on.

You could ask for emergency loan which is a small percentage of what you would get but better than Zero?


That's a new one, the DWP and TS using emails to speed things up, why do I find that hard to believe. ;)


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