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Well tomorrow is the day i have my medical assessment. Really am stressed about, i have been ill all week, in pain and tired have not been anywhere, apart from hospital for some tests which really took its toll on me. I have got a letter from my GP, had to get her to rewrite it, as there was not enough info on it. I have written my own statement of how my condition affects me, should i submit that on the day or will that go against me? They might think that as i can type that that proves i am fit for work!. My son and my friend are going with me. My grandaughter has written a statement, as she is my carer. I am really scared about this assessment, does anyone have any advice?

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Hi Sorry you have to go through this farce.

First of all, you don't need to say you typed it up, you son or granddaughter could have done so, also get your friend or son to take any papers for you, and they can get them out to give to medical examiner, as I was marked down for taking papers out of a plastic bag! also if they ask about if you do any house work ect, make sure you say it takes a long time to do anything as it so painful and you get so tired, and you may not finish the task most of the time.

if you have trouble sitting for a long time, then when your in the medical make sure you get up and move about (I can sit for about 15 mins after that I have to get up and move about to relieve the pain a bit.

Have a note of all your medication and don't let them bully you in to giving one word answers, because they want you to say yes or no, as we all know it's not as simple as that for us. if its a yes, I wouldn't start off by saying yes I do but.......I would say something like : I try to do, but .......I thing the most important thing is to say you can't do things repeatedly as its too painful.

Don't make any effort in dressing up, make up ect just go as normal. I wouldn't bother with a handbag or anything to carry let your friend/son do all that.

Try not to be too scared I know that's easy to say, I have had two of these "medicals" I got 0 point at my first and 6 point in my second I appealed both and won, next time I'm having my medical recorded as there was things on there I never said and things I did say were not there at all.

I really hope it goes well for you, I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.

let us know how it went and good luck.

Hugs Mazz XXX


Hi Linda

I had my Atos assessment on the 17th October getting there was a real task as the gates would not open so I had to walk round to get there but apart from that the examiner was really nice I had papers that I had proof of my carers plan and also where I had adaptions to my home from the OT I got them out to show him but he said he believed me I just hope that this is not going to go against me, He ask questions of how my illness effects me on a daily basis and he listened to what I told him he also done a cognitive test by pulling a couple of things out of the drawer then waited a while then asked me what he pulled out I had to spell world backwards he then done a few little thing like asking me to squeeze his hands lift my legs I didn't have to walk as he said he saw me when I came in. I don't know if all the assessment's are the same but this was mine...

I am still waiting to here from DWP as to whether I will get the PIP.. I have phoned them and it is now with the auditor's before they send it back to the decision maker so it could be a while before I get the decision.. I have been told that it could take from between 6-12 weeks before I will get an answer

I don't know if this will give you any help as to what to expect but I wish you luck for your assessment

Gentle Hugs and good luck xxx


Went for my ATOS assessment today, it went well, the assessor was very nice, she asked about the conditions i have and looked at all the supporting evidence and asked which conditions affected me the most, told her it was the fibro and RA, so she asked about them and how i managed. I had to to take some painkillers during the assessment and had to move around a bit. Anyway to cut a story short, she said she had got enough info and did not need anymore about the other conditions i have, she said i should not have even been there, as from her observations i was not fit for work. A form was sent to my GP's practice and they said i had no mobility problems. Fortuanately another gp gave me a letter confirming the mobility problems. I was glad to get it over and done with, but it has left me drained and tired so early night tonight. Just have to wait to hear from the DWP now she said it would take about 3 weeks.


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