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A Little Tip For Replying To Comments


If you see an interesting post and reply at the bottom only the original poster will be notified of that reply via email as far as I can make out. However, if you want to add a comment to another person in the thread and you want to be sure they will see it, then leave a reply under their name and then they will be informed of that reply via email.

As we all have fibro we can't be expected to trace all the threads where we've left comments! If you definitely need replies it's best to create the thread yourself.

Hope that helps people. x

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Hm..I missed the boat on that one. Does help indeed as a newbie. Thanks.


You're welcome, Yikes. And welcome to the group too! x


Thanks Kirby a most useful tip :) xxgins


Thanks gins! It's just that I've often added comments to the end of several posts and then heard nothing more and I'm sure other people are probably doing the same. People may be answering our comments but we're none the wiser! Also when I create a post I try and comment below each individual response so I can thank them and make a comment too if need be! :-) x


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