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Had a lovely holiday

I went to Fuerteventura, beautiful place, my pains eased off a little, but I had massively swollen feet, knees and hands :( my ankles were all bruised and I couldn't get my shoes on, so I had to buy some more (ooo shoooes :))we normally do a day of activity and a day of rest...this whole holiday was rest, but my husband turned into a proper victor meldrew, he wouldn't even go in the pool as there was other people there! I just floated in the pool :)

I burnt my forehead

and because im weightier than usual I had chaffing thighs....I went to a chemist to try and get some cream....translation wasn't too goo and they thought I wanted something for vaginal warts!!! I was like Noooooooo and there was a chap standing there too, I felt soo embarrassed! so I left with some sort of cream, but that burnt when I put it on! So a tip for anyone else I used my stick deodorant, which helped :)

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Hi there,glad to hear that your holiday was relaxing and your pain has eased off a little.Welcome back :)


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