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Flares/Pain and Weakness

Hi Everyone my name is VECTRA and from time to time I post on here some handy tips, well im having a bad time with my fibro at the minute BUT im fighting with my gloves on to get better treatment for myself as ive had really bad flares, with the shoulder pains, neck, ribs, and lower left leg, lower back, and severe cramps, all at once its horrendous. So I called at the Dr and she has sent me for some assessments to the Musculoskeletal Service at a centre near me can take a while to come through ive been told depending on what they decide is wrong they then send for you and treat you accordingly. This might be to see a specialist or physio etc ive been put on amytriptalene 10mg for now and codrydramol for pain but I usually walk a bit but at the minute its quite hard, so im getting myself a walking machine for the home to use when I can hopefully everyday for 1/2 an hour Ive looked at ARGOS and they've a good walking machine for £299 it should have been £700 but its in the sale so im trying to find where I can place it for the maximum use, as winter sets in going out may not always be ok also im joining YOGA and meditation and pilates as well when im mobile hopefully soon.I know flares come and go and you have to rest accordingly as I will BUT we are the ones in pain and we have to stay POSITIVE if we don't look after ourselves who will, and take each day as it comes.My partner who has been severly ill and had 2 major operations in 2 weeks has taken a lot of looking after BUT we look after each other as best we can he understands my complaint a little as he has polymyalgia himself so he knows its not easy STRESS is not good for FIBRO either but my partner is on the mend its been 9 weeks since his ordeal and the nurses come to change his wound daily so we're on the up & up now I am a fighter when it comes to my health and im not giving up with the Dr till I get better management of my illness however long it takes .

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Hi Vectra,

You seem like you have been through a lot recently. I hope your partner is on the mend and that your looking after yourself too, make sure you have some you time aswell. Yoga is great, I do it once a week, twice when I'm feeling upto it and it really helps! My neck, shoulder and back are my main pain points to so the stretching seems to help. I also use relaxation music in the house too, it's great for the evening time.

Hope your having a good day :)

C x


Hi Charlie, Yes im planning on doing the walking on the walker and im going to see which works for me between YOGA/PILATES which ever is better for me i'll do plus im going to train up and do REIKI 1 with my daughter and of course MEDITATION as im a very holistic girl. Hope your ok too Charlie I hope so anyway xx


That sounds great Vectra! I'm quite holistic aswell, just finished a 10 week course of acupuncture, unfortunately it didn't really help :( xx


Holistic is the way to go im afraid and its a mind field trying out different things to see what works ie what might work for me might not for you The reason im doing REIKI 1 is because ive had a lot of energy healing done before and 4 me not just REIKI but other energy healing and felt soo good afterwards NOW when it comes to stretches im not sure ive just bought a yoga basic video I might give that a go now ive got my laptop back and ive never done PILATES but my sister in law raves over that so we'll see, its soo nice having a chat to someone who has my problems, I have restless legs as well last night I slept about 6 hrs out of 12 but its a start ive just ordered and paid for my walker machine so looking foreward to that coming as well.


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