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Hi - Anyone claimed refund on Vehicle tax?

Won my appeal for Higher Rate Mobility back in March (backdated to October). I am entitled to disabled car catagory vehicle tax. DVLA will only refund portion of tax on surrendered tax disc (£32.00) even though the car has been fully taxed since October (when my claim was dated from). They suggest I get in touch with DWP - anyone know anything about this? Surely if I was entitled from October I should get refund from October?

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I had a similar experience , mine was back dated from march to October , however because they are a government body as is dla , they will only give you it for what is left on tax disc . Dla told me as not everyone on dla has a car , it has to be up to dvla to determine how much tax disc rebate the give you as they ( dla) were only responsible to back date money not the added benefits that being on dla bring . And dvla told me they can only give me what is left on tax disc they don't back date even although the award letter stated I was intitalled from oct 2012 to oct 2014 , they said I needed to contact DWP , who said contact dla direct , who said contact dvla . I eventually gave up and accepted from march til August rebate as it was costing so much in phone calls going back and forward and stress arguing with people .


Thanks for this reply. Won't waste my time then.


Having to appeal for anything seems to end up costing you money one way or another, it is best to forget about it before they do your head in. It has nothing to do with benefits, that is how the DVLA operate, this applies to anyone who sends in a tax disc for a refund.


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