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Hi newbie here

hi everyone have just found this site and have been reading though the blogs , i was diagnosed with fm about 10 years ago after 10 years of pain and being told it was growing pains and i would grow out of it...i have managed with the pain since being diagnosed but of late its getting a bit much the sleepless nights are the worse.... been checking on sites and not sure which medication to go docs are a bit useless just seem happy to push whatever makes them the most money... my hands and legs seem to create the worse pain but even my OH has commented that things seem to be getting 42 so feel lucky to be able to cope with it this long without meds..any suggestions for sleep besides tabs... have tries all relaxing modes and even sit in a sauna for 30 mins before bed to try helping....

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You know that's how I sometimes describe fibro - like growing pains...... but all over!


I remember first going to a specalist and was told that growing pain do not exist, if it hurts to grow something is wrong.


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