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Confused and a little cheesed off!

I had to go for an appointment today regarding my claim after a nasty car accident 18 months ago now which had left me with an extremely painful right hip.

I travelled an hour away and he asked me questions about the accident and what the impact (if you pardon the pun) had had on my life. I explained that other consultants vice seen before him couldn't decide if the hip injury was makings fibro worse or if indeed the fibro was making the hip injury worse. He then informed me that fibro is totally made up and is used by people who get normal aches and pains but were too lazy to go to the gym and exercise and being unfit would make anyone tired and that's where the exhaustion comes from. The tender points test is a load of tosh and docs only say its fibro cos it looks better than saying they don't know what's wrong with the patient!

I was flabbergasted as every doc I've ever seen has totally backed fibro but then he just kept contradicting himself when my OH challenged him with information he knew from me and also by researching it himself and the doc got all flustered then.

I just had to share it with you cos j am still so shocked and now I'm thinking its lambing my head. BUT I do have to say that this doc said into his dictaphone that I was not exaggerating any symptoms and I didn't fit the psychological make up of a fraudster and he believed my pain to be 100% genuine.

I am this all in my head? Am I a hypochondriac? Maybe I should go to the gym? Oh.....I just don't know!!!! X

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dis-respectful !


this says it all,



I can't click on it Sandra! X


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