dwp lost my forms for appeal??

dwp lost my forms for appeal??

hi everybody,very fed up my support worker phoned dwp yesterday to see what they were doing about my appeal to be put in support group,for them to say they have no record of recieving them?? we asked about medical and they said they do not think i am able to work at the moment but MIGHT BE ABLE TO IN FUTURE!! what planet are they on?? so i have to say in work related group for now,and fill out forms again,i also have mental health {borderline personality disorder or bpd for short}

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  • Hi

    Did you send the forms by recorded delivery or special delivery and if so did you keep your slip? if so you can prove you have sent them and tough for Atos if they have lost them at their end.

  • hi pet..they lost my forms..and i always send everything recorded and i copy everything..i rand and they said they hadnt recieved them and i said i had recoreded them and her reply left me stunned!..she went away and when she returned she said..oh well iv tracked it down and yes it was recorded..TWO PEOPLE HAD SIGNED FOR IT BUT UNFORTUNATLY NOW,THEY CANT FIND IT!! hello!!..anyway i wont bore you to death lol..if you message me i give you a link for the man who helped me..he was fantastic,xxx

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