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Cuckoo cuckoo I can hear it making its cuckoo sound

It sounds so young and cheerful. We all know or remember the sound of its call Cuck oo Cuck ooooooooooo! Cheerie almost annoying but at least we know it will be a good day!

OH has gone wheesing off for the papers grumpy old whatsit He is one of thos who will not visit the Doctors his knees are shot his back is agony but apparently has not asked me for any help and has no intention of going to the doctors. At this point most people would aay fine don't go but I am a terrier after a rabbit I should learn to leave well alone. Maybe I will today I have run out of energy. But surely it is the partners job to look after the other and as we get free prescriptions I cannot come to grips with his refusal.

Now back to the cuckoo it is rarely seen or we see it but it looks like thrush so we ignore it. I am sure that is why its call says loudly I am here I am here .

Anyone seen one this year? I havent just heard him Cuck uck uck ooooo


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Oh gins do you think we are actually sharing the same OH mine refuses to go to GPs unless I have made an appointment on the sly and he is presented with the deed done.. He is also on permenant medication and I have to check it and re order... Actually scrap that idea ... After reading back sounds more like I have two children.... They are both over 6 ft same build,,,, either my son has grown up into my husband or my OH has regressed into my son...

Ah well at least I can tell them apart ... My OH has much less hair and can't play guitar :D

As to cuckoos no I haven't heard one since we moved near the coast must be the seagulls ... They drive most things away :(


Yup - no cuckoos on the coast, the seagulls seem to get rid of most other birds - I've even seen them chase pigeons.

Never mind, we're all 'cuckoo' here, so that will make up the shortage! :D

Moffy x


HeHe,very funny!Yes I admit to being a bit cuckoo myself lol! X


I saw a sweet little tiny bird singing its heart out on the television aerial next door this afternoon. No idea what it was but really lovely to hear and with a pair of binoculars I might have been able to see it more clearly.


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