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Does hyperextensibility affect the normal movements of someone with fibromyalgia??

Hi, hope everyone is well tonight !! Got another question to ask !! I have been told (after one of the dreaded Atos medicals) that my arm/ leg movements etc, were all normal. This is despite having had fibromyalgia for 8 years. I have been diagnosed with hyperextensibility, which is to do with having an unusual range of extra movements in my joints. I wondered that, if I have this illness, would this look like I have more range of movement than I ordinarily would have, almost as if it masks the difficulty with joints that fibromyalgia give you?? Got to go to a tribunal on the 26th June, so am looking at all different angles that might help my case. Hope you all have a good weekend. Lots of love and support to you all XXX

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yes, unfortunately it does look like we have more movement. What they fail to appreciate is the joints are less stable than those of people without it.

Good luck with your tribunal.




Hi Jillylin, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I didn't think that having this, (only found out that I had it a few months ago) would affect the medical and the tribnunal like this. But I'll try and get some information from the consultant who diagnosed me, or speak to another rheumatologist. Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend.xx


Yes. It may look like you have a normal range of movement- but infact you will have a restricted range of movement for someone with hypermobility because of the stiffness cause by fibro. Hope that makes sense!


Hi Phoenix, thanks for that, and yes - that does make sense !! have a good evening, the weather is nice here - hope it's ok where you are !!


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