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.. I was just wondering (and I know it is different stokes for different folks) but is any one on celebrex which is a arthritis drug? celebrex is the brand name I think its chemical name is something like celexocib or something like that, if so does it help fibro or not? and what are the side effects? I have read up a bit about this and in a weeks time i go to my pain clinic for a review and if I get good feedback fro here I may ask if he thinks it would be worth trying

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Just looked it up as I have arthritis and of course its an NSAID so that's it out for me :( ...

Every site I went onto said not to be used long term as it can cause heart attacks or strokes... Why do they produce drugs they can't be used long term ... Surely that's the point of treating us ... Long term so we can be pain free or in less pain for long periods of time

Sorry rant over ... Got a bit excited there hearing of an arthritis med I hadn't heard of before...

VG x


It's an anti-inflammatory and is not a recommended treatment for Fibro. If you have arthritis or another inflammatory condition as well as Fibro, it may help, but it won't help Fibro itself.


..cheers guys...back to ye olde drawing board!!!


I have Sulfasalazine for arthritis, but ashamed to say I dont actually know much about it. I;m allergic to aspirin/nurofen type med.


I took Celebrex for two years for arthritis, and it was very, very good. I was taken off it because of the increased risk of cardiac problems, and it was a sad day, because it had helped me so much.

It is a NSAID, but does not seem to affect the stomach in the way that the aspirin type NSAIDs can do - it is a different type of drug.

Moffy x


I was on Celebrex for a while until, like Moffy, they took me off it because of increased heart risk. I had a really good GP at the time who was happy to explore alternatives with me. We struck a bargain that she'd put me on Arcoxia (another cox2 inhibitor but with a lesser risk of heart attack or stroke) if I gave up smoking and ensured I kept my weight under control. A win win situation really as I could continue to take the meds that helped and bargained myself into a healthier lifestyle. At the time they thought I had sero-neg RA but now say it's an aggressive form of genetic inflammatory OA so rheumy has said OK to keep taking them when they discharged me thank goodness! Hope you find something effective when you go to your pain appointment x


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