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DLA - Appealing


Hi everyone, I just signed up today.

I've been diagnosed since 2008 after having to give up Dental Nurse training. I have a 9 1/2 (the half is important apparently, lol) daughter and an amazing fiancé.

I claimed back in 2009 and won on appeal (with representation) due to my depression and being unable to motivate myself to prepare a main meal, but when the renewal came I couldn't face fighting like that again and my mother struggled on cooking my meals and freezing them for my daughter and myself.

Long story short, I've deteriorated so much since then, my fiancé moved in to care for me when my mom found it too much and is now bathing me, dressing me, carrying me upstairs and down, I'm on my crutches full time now not just during bad weather etc... So I bit the bullet 3 months ago and claimed DLA to get some sort of independence back

I was turned DLA for care and mobility completely, I received the letter on Thursday. Caused a complete meltdown for me (even though I thought I'd prepared myself for not getting it) luckily my counsellor was willing to see me in that state and 30 mins late for the appointment.

I decided to look through the letter yesterday with a calmer head on and it seems like they've made blatant contradictions and ignored my docs medical report (admittedly brief). My doctor told them it's hard for me to manage even short distances due to pain, my claim form told them I'm in pain from the first step so I don't leave the house except for medical appointment and that my crutches just add to the problems (using them has made my hands and arms useless due to pain, stiffness and cramping) and they took this to mean I can walk over 50 metres with aids.

They also admit I need help dressing and undressing, using a bath/shower and washing and drying myself (the doc said I need help with personal care) but that I don't need help with anything else. But if they accept that, how can they say I don't need help getting in and out of a bed significantly higher than the sides of my bath or up and downstairs etc??? They've also said I can cook a main meal despite difficulty - I haven't cooked a main meal since I jerked without warning and dropped a frying pan with hot oil narrowly avoiding injury (written in the form) plus I'm on crutches which kinda implies my hands are busy and I told them what the crutches do to my hands!!!

My doctor is livid and writing a supporting letter, but I'm not sure how to explain I disagree with the decisions on the GL24 form.

Do I have to copy out what I wrote on the claim form and what my doctor wrote in his medical report, or is it enough just to write the numbers of the relevant sections where I wrote the information down originally and the brief sentences my doc put in his medical report?

Has anyone ever won at a DLA appeal where the decision maker has made blatant contradictions when turning you down?

Sorry for the essay, I've forgotten exactly what I did to appeal the last time, and the people I used back then are unable to represent at tribunal due to budget cuts.

Any advice anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated

DurhamRed x x

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no advice but just wanted to express my horror that you were no awarded the DLA. I hope your appeal goes well and you get the support you need.



DurhamRed in reply to jillylin

Thanks Jilly.

I was really shocked. I used the benefits and work guides too, I went into every little embarrassing detail if what my fiancé has to do for me so I'm not sure how the decision maker could claim the decision was made off the back of my doc's report and my form. Admittedly my doc could've written more than one sentence for each box but he was really surprised when I showed him the decision letter yesterday. I really didn't want to have to go through all this again.

DurhamRed x x

I went through each statement that I disagreed with and put why - using the b&w guides for reference, but putting it in my words in short points.

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