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Beeeen so busy but letting you know I was refused DLA my 1st application

I can't say I expected it after reading so many posts on how it's a fight but what did upset me is it was contradictive to every single thing that was put down so yes they will get a letter and not sure that it will be the most pleasant one either as my DR rang me twice yesterday as I have been laid up unable to get anywhere but the loo even offered to come out and see me and as I said look I am used to getting laid up I know the drill for over wkend as told me to phone ambulance if got too much then he will ring me back Monday to see how I am .

I had appointments to view properties also and canceled .

My son has less than 3 wks to move and we have been viewing as many as we can over past few wks plus my own wrk to sort etc.

so I don't have so much quality time to spend and that's important .

I have to say I have one customer who has fibro I thought yey as found some one but I would rather steer clear as I cannot cope with her personality I am very easy going and will do anything and not time things as such but since she has other problems to deal with she seems to think she can control a service I provide that is the lowest paid yet will fill that sponge and I had to say something as had enough of sarcasm.

I don't do sarcasm and attitude problems I go with a flow and despite my pain I always smile even whilst am as I am I am laughing on/off because it won't get me anywhere with attitude just like the DLA that's like as if I been in a room with some one I say white you say black lol

Not everyone agrees with everyone and sometimes you find personalities can clash but you steer clear in my opinion.

Anyway the days are quick passing am sure life's moving faster some one is spinning the earth faster. Look forward to bed and before you know it's another dayyyyy .

So blessed that we did not choose this wkend for caravan as it was an option It was fate

Xxx hugs and hope everyone is not yooo bad

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You usually get refused first time. I suppose they think it puts off scroungers.


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