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Feeling awful today


I've felt awful for the last two weeks.I know I can cope with the pain sometimes but these last two weeks I haven't been able to do my voluntary work at the pdsa and I feel really guilty over it cause I know they depend on me.The work is very heavy and busy,and I just know I couldn't do it the way I feel at the moment.I spoke to the manager and said I wouldn't be in this morning again,she wasn't very happy.I'm so upset I just don't want to lose my voluntary work.

I know i'm helping them out for no pay and they should respect that.I do love it and hope they can understand how I feel.

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Hi Tabithaboots,

I always take great exception to people who treat volunteers as though they were salaried employees. Your manager obviously isn't a very understanding person, so don't worry about her - it's her problem, not yours!

If the work is busy and heavy, do you think there might be some other way you could help your charity? Good volunteers are always welcome, and I'm sure there might be a lighter job they could find for you.

I do some volunteer work, but I get to sit in a comfy chair and answer telephones occasionally, so it's not exactly a strain, and I rarely have to take time out.

Maybe you should put yourself first for a change, and have a look at other opportunities you might have, and where you would get the respect you deserve!

Hope you feel better soon.

Moffy x


They should do, not only are you working for nothing but you are giving up your time when You are well enough to help . We here at fibroaction know exactly how you feel , we are all volunteers with fibro and if we have a flare although we can pop on sporadically from bed or the settee our quality of answers are sometimes impaired by the pain so we often have to message the rest of the team and say I am sorry but I can't do today and we always feel guilty for the people on the board and the rest of the team who have to put in extra time ...

I know you shouldn't feel guilty but its easier said than done....... At the end of the day I would be very surprised if you lost your voluntary work as you are giving them help as and when you can .....if they say don't come in they are losing someone who cares for what she does , and I am sure they are very happy to have good volunteers who love what they do.

As its been two weeks have you been to your GP to see if there is anything they can do... To break the flare

Good luck

VG x


Hi yeah I saw my Gp a week ago he changed my painkillers for me.My boss is still not happy with the fact i've took time off.I can't help it,i've got the jobcentre sending me for interviews and courses if I don't go I lose my benefits,and as I said i've felt awful with the fibro.She should understand i'm voluntary.Hope u all ok,sorry for


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