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I feel Bleaargh!

Wrestling with my wheelchair started me up into a flare, ( so stiff I could be used as a spinal board, Lol!)

Yesterday after breakfast and pills i went into town to retrieve my bags and do some shopping. Got home, unpacked the bags and then threw up my breakfast and pills. Took myself back to bed to try to sleep it off, but was still feeling iffy by evening, so went to bed with water, but no food.

Have just had some cereal today, followed by pills, just waiting to see if they stay put!

Cheers, Midori

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Sounds like you might have picked up the dreaded Norovirus! Plenty of fluids, and rest is about all you can do. If you're not much better in 48 hrs have a word with the doc.

Hope you're better soon!

Moffy x


hope you are feeling a bit better now Midori.


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