not sure what to do about a visit I had from housing benefit woman

im worried sick,ive had a really really bad few weeks with my depression on satarday I was sitting thinking whats the point in going on and need someone to talk to so i phoned breathing space and it ended with them referring me on to nhs 24 and then a dr being called and then an ambulance being called they also called my daughter tocome over she is my next of kin as you can imagine this was all very distressing I knew I was real low just didnt realise how much the hospital were going to section me but my daughter who is a nurse said she would care for me and a psychiatric team are to come out and do an assement of me anyhow my daughter went home last night as she is needed at work also my support worker was here yesterday she took me to the council one stop shop as I was worried about this bedroom tax as I haven't received anything with regards to paying for it (I have a 3 bed flat )live on my own my son is in jail til he is parolled in about a year,the other room is used by my daughter and her partner for when im ill and she looks after me anyhow I found out I should have been paying £9.30wkly and am now in debt for nearly £40,also while there filled out a housing form for smaller property,back to what I was on about I said to them how am meant have paid as I have not received any paying details she said we will send a rent card I did try to point out that unless im with support worker I cant get out fell on deaf ears,this morning got knock on door it was a housing benefit officer who wanted to check all my entitlements which I was having difficulty with as I have physical disabilitys as well as mental I tried telling her that I really neede her to come when my support worker was here as I cant understand and I get very agitated and ive been ill was ignored she questioned about me having a room for carrer said it shouldn't be someone in the family and asked how often and when she stayed I said when im unwell and need help she said no it has to be someone who stays regular I said but I don't know in advance how ill im going to be I also couldent remember my daughters address I am so confused and feeling really low again is this what it going to be like am in trouble do you think god its just to much for my head why are they doing this to us .sorry this is written in a muddle but that's how its coming from my head right now.

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  • So sorry you are feeling so bad, if I was you, I would contact my support worker and get her to call them, to tell them to never come near your door again, without making a appointment so that your support worker can make arrangements to be there for you, she could explain that you are very vulnerable, and that you need support at all times when being questioned, I really hope you feel better soon. SOFT WARM HUGS.

  • You cant possibly cope with all this on your own. I can see you posted 17 hours ago, I do hope you've managed to get help! Take care. x

  • hi,im still waiting for the psychiatric people to come round or contact me,im having a bad day had a row with my sons ex partner as she is annoyed that I cant have my 2 young grandsons aged almost 2 and 3yr old her dad wont look after the younger one as he is busy I did say I would look after the eldest after giving up trying to explain im to unwell at the moment (she knows all that happened at weekend ) but there is no way I could manage the 2 of them I cant run round after them due to being hardly able to walk ,im so angry with her and yet again I feel guilty and useless I also got it in the ear about my daughters not helping her enough they both work my eldest has 2 jobs and the other is a nurse and they are short staffed so she is doing extra hrs this girl is totally stressing me out ive or should I say my family try to help her as much as possible but its never enough ive given her money,bags of shopping,clothes,ive bought loads of stuff for the kids so much im being left with hardly any money for myself so many times grrrrrr.

  • You need to STOP take a breath and think of yourself, and stop allowing situations to cause you stress, how can you possibly take are of 2 very young children, and no disrespect meant here, YOU can barely take care of yourself, you need to tell this girl straight "NO I am too unwell to take care off the children", why she would even consider you to watch the children is beyond believe, can't she see, or understand how unwell you are, !!!! you also need to stop giving her money and everything else, you are worried about your own financial state, and yet you are supplying this girl with all of that, she seems to think the world owes her something, quite frankly you should tell her no to everything, concentrate and take care of yourself. SOFT WARM HUGS

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