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Unexpected 5dt

Hello everyone,

I am 37 with low ovarian reserve and poor quality eggs, my 1st long protocol resulted in 2 poor quality embryos transferred day 3 bfn. I was told I was always going to produce poor quality embryos but you can imagine how surprised I was today to have 2 good quality blastocysts transferred day 5!!! I could not believe it, I am over the moon! I have never been pregnant in 18 yrs, so I 🙏 this works! If so I will tell all you lovely ladies what I did differently this time! Xxxx

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hey dear, I hope you are well my all sympathies are with you, I know what kind of pain you are having right now. Infertility is not a simple thing to deal with. It keeps us in so many doubts. May you get through this soon. I wish you the quickest recovery. get well real soon. Forget about the bad experiences. My sister has gone through this same situation. But we searched for the best clinic for her surrogacy.stay strong and motivated.


Hi Gem

I have had 2 attempts both long protocol, responded well but only managed to get 1 5 day blast the rest never made it, even with 9 eggs then 15 the 2nd. My Amh is now 6.1 so on the low side for being 37. We are just about to start our 3rd attempt, 1st and 2nd ended in mc so they think it's now related to my egg quality. We are going for short protocol this time, private clinic is looking for quality over quantity. Can I ask what protocol was used? Congratulations xx


Just had my bfp, I was on long protocol of down regulating with synagel, stimulation with gonal f 300, trigger shot.

Good luck to you 😘


Thanks for the speedy reply. Ah I see what is your Amh? Every clinic seems to follow different protocols. Wishing you all the best xx


My amh is 4.2 so very low at 37, what was your long protocol that you used?

My clinic put myself and hubby on proxeed to improve dna, so far seems to have wirked as I have never been pregnant in 13 yrs ttc.


Prostap then gonal f that was what they used for me. I've been on DHEA for past 4 months now as they think my egg quality is what is resulting in miscarriage xx




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