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though the different problems that come with pregnancy abound, i met a woman today who earned my sympathy. the woman who claimed to have her first conception after trying for long could not walk straight.

she shays that though she is happy, the pregnancy has not been easy and ever since she was impregnated through insemination, she has had sharp abdominal pain. is this normal?

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  • Dear friend. I want to say that I also had become the victim of abdominal pain when I was pregnant. It was really unbearable pain and I feel low at that time. I think I and your friend, we both are in the same boat. According to my situation, I was terribly afraid and face lots of problem during the abdominal pain. Although I get support of my family and husband but still the situation get worse. It is the right times to aware your friend about the pain because it is not the normal kind of pain and it can make the situation terrible which affect the reproductive system too. In this condition there are lots of chances of miscarriage and irregularity of the periods too. With the help of advance medical research test you can save your friend and help in controlling the situation. Now you are the one who can encourage and handle the situation with polite and care. It is better to aware your friend and help in getting rid of the critical situation. I handle the situation wisely and finally conceive the baby naturally.

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