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Trying again after erpc procedure

Hi all. My first pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage was absolutely gutted tried the medical management which didn't work so I went in for an erpc procedure 13/09/17.

Procedures went well wished I had done this to begin with,However felt medical management was best at the time. I've stopped bleeding and done a pregnancy test 1 week after which was negative. I was wondering how long you waited before trying again?? Both me and my partner feel ready to get back on track and start trying straight away. I don't really want to wait but am wondering if I start trying now is there a higher risk of miscarrying again?? Any advise would be much appreciated xxxx

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There seems to be really mixed advice on this. Medically trying again straight away should do you no harm, but most medics seem to like you to have had one normal cycle since your miscarriage... this is so they can date the pregnancy accurately if you get pregnant straight away, which I guess is important for them monitoring a pregnancy.


Hi thank you for your message.

Yes very mixed advice given on many different websites. Lots are just saying for dating reasons I have a follow up appointment on 12/10 so I'll ask the hospital then.

Thanks again for your advice much appreciated 😊


I am so sorry to hear of your loss my thoughts are with you during this difficult time especially when it is such a wanted pregnancy...

I had a early miscarriage in July and the Gynae Doctor at the Early Pregnancy Unit advised me to start trying after my next period. I had no pregnancy content- I lost the baby at 4 and a half weeks gone.

I would ask your Gp or Gynae as they have more knowledge to advise when you can start trying again.

Somewant to wait and grieve whilst others are keen to try again there is no wrong or right. For me I wanted to try as soon as we could.

Word of warning don't use ovulation sticks till you are 2 cycles clear of the miscarriage- the miscarriage will affect the results.

All the best with the trying- I have read on BBC website there is evidence that women who suffer miscarriages are more likely conceive within 6 months of the loss and if they do are less likely to suffer another loss. I know how you feel because I worry it might happen again. Can you ask GP/Gyane to prescribe additional medication to help support another pregnancy- just to put your mind at rest. My fertility specialist has prescribed steroids ( high nk) and progesterone pessaries which I would take till the 12 week point.

I am sure you will become pregnant soon and I wish you the best with it xoxo


Hi ya. Thank you soooo much fir your reply. Yes I was using ovulation tests and they were saying different things each time I used so gonna wait till my next period to try again. I've had time to grieve and feel ready to try again as is my partner. Was devostatated when we found out but things happen for a reason. I'll defo ask my Gp about extra medication next time round xx. Good luck xx 😘


Thank you.

It is absolutely heart breaking. I am so sorry you've had to suffer a loss. It is particularly cruel when its been so fought for and wanted. For me I am trying to see the positives- I conceived and after 6 years of TTC this is huge progress ( this happened after my fertility consultant found and treated endometriosis) and although it not the outcome either of us would've wanted it shows us that we become pregnant and with infertility that is half the battle. I am sure we will get pregnant again soon :-)

I used ovulation tests after my first cycle and I failed to detect my LH surge- all I saw was estrogen rises.In fairness clearblue did advise against it but I thought I knew best- not this time! ;-) I think it takes a bit of time to settle down. I'm sure by the second month your hormones will be back to normal :-) Got my Lh surge this month :-) so in the dreaded 2ww!!!

And likewise you know where I am if you need a chat xoxo


I’ve done both D and C (April 5th) and medical management (September 25th) and both times now we’ve been advised to wait 2/3 cycles, I didn’t question why but I think it’s to give your body time enough to heal. I’m sorry for your loss xx

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Hello. Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

Life can be cruel at times but we just have to think of the future and we will get our babies soon enough. Medical management I thought was best for me at the time but I was soooo not prepared for what was to come but I got through it and had an erpc procedure anyway.

Good luck with everything and do keep me posted of how u get on with things. If you need someone to talk to I'm here 😘 Xxx

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Likewise xx


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