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Miscarriage, ectopic and now abdominal swelling... ivf to come

This Is my first time posting .

I suffered a natural miscarriage at 7 weeks in may 2017. In June I had what I thought was a my AF, 2 weeks later I developed abdominal.pain and had some spotting.. I thought my body was adjust post miscarriage but spoke to a colleague of mine (gynae registrar) at work.. I work on a&e as a senior paediatric nurse. I was advised do do a pregnancy test and protested that I could not be pregnant as I had had a period... low and behold the test came back positive. I was shocked and devastated as the whole reason I had seemed advise was because ideas spotting.. the reality if a second miscarriage dawned on me quickly. I returned two days later and my hcg levels had dropped confirming that I was miscarrying. I was advised to Take a test In 2 week to confirmni had had a complete miscarriage. Over the next 2 weeks i continued to bleed and felt very weak and poorly. I attend a&e again and was shocked to hear that my hcg levels had risen. Over the next week my fear were confirmed and I was diagnosed with a left sided ectopic which proceeded to rupture. I was rushed to theatre and had my left tube removed. I had previously had my right tube removed 10 years ago due to adhesions from an appendectomy so now my only way to conceive is IVF.

The last 4 weeks have been extremely hard for me both physically and emotionally and I am severely struggling with anxiety and a constant gear that something is going to go wrong. I am bursting into tears all The time and feel like I am looking my sense of rational... Is this normal??

I am aalso experiencing abdominal swelling when I'm standing on my feet for over 2 hours! Is this normal 4 weeks after surgery. Any idea when my swells belly will go down? I have been very active in the gym prior to my ectopic and I'm struggling with the swelling. I just want it to go away and I want to get in the best possible shape and frame on mind before I commence my IVF journey.

Any advice would be appreciated. X

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Awwww hun you've been through the mill these past few months I'm real sorry to read your story 😔All I can say is your feelings are totally normal considering what you've been through. Try not to beat yourself up regards your feelings. Regards to the swelling I don't know sorry I'm sure some of the ladies on here will do. I wish you all the best and if you ever need to chat I'm here. Good luck and big hugs 🤗hope you start to feel better soon. 😘😘


AllWeNeedIsluv thank you very much. I am due to start some counselling sessions via the miscarriage association in 10vdays or so, so I'm hoping that will help to relieve the anxiety.

I'm trying to stay positive and try things to help me move forward like yoga and acupuncture. Desperate to feel physically fitter and get some normality back before the journey of IVF starts.


They sound like very positive things to be doing sounds like your on the right track hun. Iv been looking into acupuncture today definitely think I'm going to give it a go seems it's helpful for many things. I know what you mean about desperate to feel physically fitter I find it such a mission doing the house work this past week my fatigue is getting better of me and my endo has returned 😣it's a nightmare.

I might give yoga a try my mother in law does it. Good luck with the counselling hope it helps. Keep me updated I'll follow your journey. Lots of love 😘😘


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