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2 ww -can you test early ?

Hi there

Im in the middle of my first round (only round on NHS) of ivf on the NHS. I'm 33 and they collected 5 eggs, all fertilised, one transferred at 3days and the rest were not good enough to freeze. So feeling a little low today after finding that out. I'm 4 days post ET, when can I test? the hospital says 2weeks post ET but I was just wondering if I could get an accurate result earlier.

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Try to resist testing early as it could give you a false result. It's too early for tests to pick up pregnancy hormones.

We were told 14 days after ET by first clinic and 17 days after ET by 2nd. As 1st OTD fell on a Saturday clinic said I could test a day early. I deliberately didn't buy tests until the day before OTD so I couldn't be tempted.

Fingers crossed for you.


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