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Hope it's our time

Not been on here in a while miscarried at 7weeks although I think I'd lost sooner that was in April lost faith in provider so ive changed had two frozen embryos transfered leaving us with two left tested yesterday and got bfp! Tested again today and got another I'm so anxious I want to be excited but don't want to get my hopes up. I'm on clexane, steroids, pessaries and patches I'm a walking bundle of hormones! Scan 29th in the meantime keeping all crossed! I don't want to be a serial tester but I'm anxious it's like I want or rather need pregnancy symptoms right now all I feel is twinges in my right side and dizzy no boob soreness which I think is strange and a worry 😒

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Massive congratulations to you. I got a bfp back in and miscarried at 7 weeks too. I am currently on medication for my frozen cycle. I just had a weekend in Amsterdam with some friends. I wasn't going to go but I am glad I went because I am in a better mood and ready for this cycle. I know I will be anxious just like you but I want you to stay positive. It's easier said than done but hang on in there because you are stronger than you think. We have all been through so much and deserve all the happiness motherhood comes with.

Please keep us updated. x

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Aw well massive congratulations and try and relax (easier said than done) don't let fear take over your happiness xxx

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