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BFP on natural FET

Got a positive pregnancy test this am, happy but not over the moon due to feeling anxious about the long road ahead and if this one will be our rainbow baby..

This is going to be a really tough journey and after a miscarriage, chemical and stillbirth I am really scared! All my innocence about pregnancy has gone and so I feel really vulnerable but I hope one day I will be able to enjoy this I just πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ this is our sibling for Harrison and our take home baby..

I guess I have to keep busy and just get through each day ahead one step at a time but that is easier said than done!

1st decision is wether or not to start on aspirin, fertility clinic said straight from positive pregnancy test and obstetrics said not until 12 weeks?? The only reservation I have is that I had very very heavy bleeding when pregnant with Harrison so I am a bit scared to take it but if I don't and I miscarry I will blame myself!! Going to ring clinic for advice.

I hope I am not getting carried away too soon just want to give it my best shot as can't take anymore heartache..

Anyway natural FET's do work 😊 If anyone needs reassurance about that xx

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Awww I truly hope this is your time, after all the heartache you have been through. I am sure there have been many dark times but you strength is so inspiring. Good Luck with your ongoing journey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I hope and pray that this is your time and this is the one. You have been through so much and deserve this baby. Just take each day at a time and try and stay positive.

Lots of baby dust and hugs. Xxx


Congratulations!!! So happy for you. It's natural to worry but please rest up and enjoy this moment. Xx


Ive just started my injections for FET, i like the fact it worked for you gives me some hope, whats your reason for fertility xxx


That's good xx there is definitely hope! It's unknown πŸ˜“X


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