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Question re short protocol

Hi, I'm having my hysteroscopy on Tuesday and depending on how the results are they will start me on short protocol. 

The thing is, I still havnt got my period since when I was on down reg spray ( that cycle was cancelled - hence hysteroscopy) so my last bleed was around the 7th March . 

How does the short protocol work - would they put me on contraceptive pill first so that I have a bleed. 

Desperate to get started again . 

Little worried about Tuesday's app hysteroscopy as I'm concerned that my result will cause more delays . They said my lining of womb was to thick so not quite sure what they do for that. 

Thanks xx

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Hey you,

Im going on short protocol. They miss out that down reg stage. And as you know I have probs with cycles as well. They'll prob discuss this with you; im meant to call on day 1 of cycle in May... And if it gets to end of May to call them and they'll take it from there. Write all you questions down and ask when you next speak to them. x

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