I'm going slightly crazy I swear it. This is my fet my first IVF failed but we were fortunate to get four frozen embryos. Anyway Tuesday 22nd was my otd, two clear blue plus tests both positive faint but positive😳☺️☺️ Over the moon viability scan booked for 14th April. However because they were positive I stupidly bought more tests (I'm a week late for period today) x2 morrisons ones and a clear blue digital yesterday afternoon I did both morrisons and both negative convinced myself they were cheap so waited and just done the clear blue digital and it after ages come up a big fat not pregnant I'm so upset and confused what do I do now any advice appreciates I can't bear to tell my other half he will be so pessimistic 

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  • Hey

    I don't have any answer for you just a virtual hug. Hang in there. Do a blood test asap that will tell you for sure with the beta level xx

  • Thanks Hun I think I'm gonna wait for the scan long as AF hasn't arrived before then so stressed with it all though xx

  • Hey 

    I would call your clinic, tell them you're concerned, they should offer to check the beta levels to put your mind at ease, the 14th is ages off xx

  • Aw thanks Hun that's good advice I'm going stir crazy Xx

  • In the early days of pregnancy it's best to use the first urine sample of the day. It's more concentrated in the morning and may not be detected later in the day. This happened to me once, I tested positive at home then went to the doctor later that day but the sample I gave there was later so it came back negative! I gave it a week and retested, it was then a stronger positive. I wouldn't be testing every day - give it a few days now and test again using a morning sample. Hope this is all it is!

  • Thanks! I'm not sure I weed enough on the digital one and the morrisons ones were in the afternoon! I do hope you are right still no period and my boobs hurt and back had few strange twinges and a pain in my right side last night I just have so much doubt and worry that's it's a chemical pregnancy 😥xx

  • I agree with everyone, don't give up hope.  Here's a little tip. Wash and thoroughly rinse a small container and take to the loo.  When you do the first morning pee, use the container.  You can then either submerge the sensor tip into the sample or pour it over the sensor.  Much easier than trying to piddle on the darn thing 😉

  • Thank you Madcatlady love the name! Just got a pair of kittens myself!! X

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