Thinking about IUI treatment! Anyone experienced it and know what costs are and include?

I am thinking of going for IUI treatment with my husband, I live in London, I have been researching various clinics in London and wondered if anyone has used a particular good successful one? good prices? And what prices include?

Im 41 and my husband is 50, have other couples been successful within this age bracket?

would really appreciate any feedback :)

Thanks in advance. x

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  • Hi. I'm afraid I can't help much. Just wanted to give you a hard hug on this path.

    For us IUI try was unsuccessful due to my poor egg quality. (Also fallopian tubes blockage. I'm 34 yo). I'll not also name the clinic it was performed in 'cause really think this was not the appropriate procedure for my diagnosis. Well, can't make head or tail of all this even by now. Currently we're in Ukraine, biotexcom, passing de ivf treatment.

    Good luck with your further treatment x Take care.

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