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Weight loss

Hi I just got back from my follow up and have been told I need to bring my weight down my bmi is 33 and it should be 30 is there anything that anyone can recommend any diets I have been reffered back to my doctor so they won't be looking at doing any further treatment until I lose the weight I was doing so well until I gained all the weight back after my operation ...any help will be appreciated Thanks kaye

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Hey kayekhan

Obviously everyone responds to any diet differently and it's more about lifestyle change rather than a "diet"

But if I need to shift some extra pounds I do the paelo diet or the caveman diet which basically is only eating pure unprocessed organic fresh foods!

It works for me anyway might be worth a Google.

Good luck ☺️ xxx


My friend had to do the same thing and although it means you have to pay weekly fees she chose weight watchers purely because you get weighed each week by someone so meant she was more likely to stick to the plan and get her results quicker than if she was doing it herself at home.

I've done both weight watchers in the past which worked at the time but also have done Terri Ann 123 plan which is very similar to Paleo (high protein, low fat), which Is also good to have the extra protein for during your treatment and pregnancy . Either way you can do it and hope you get to start your treatment sion.


Thank you xx

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